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About Us

In 1997 a small group of engineers in Provo, Utah had a vision – to provide technical support and solutions to an underserved industry.  Since that time, Caldera Engineering has grown to meet the ever-evolving demands and needs of its customers.

Improving The Ability to Produce

Production pressure on plants continues to increase. Technologies that were sufficient 10 years ago – even 10 months ago – may not hold up to the demands of today’s high-pressure production environment.

For almost 20 years Caldera has been improving customers' ability to meet production goals by providing effective technical and customized solutions.

Custom Solutions for Custom Challenges

Caldera invests significant time and resources to understand the physics behind our customers' extreme process conditions. This enables us to engineer and provide the best possible product for each unique application.

Collaboration Leads To Better Solutions

Customer input, combined with Caldera’s knowledge and experience, leads to optimal solutions. For this reason Caldera maintains close working relationships with customers. This collaboration allows us to tailor solutions to meet customer challenges.

Experience and Research

Caldera works with many sites around the world to provide unique solutions. Combining its on-site experience with cutting-edge research, and a thorough understanding of its clients’ needs, Caldera is able to deliver solutions and products tailor-made for each of its customers.

About Caldera

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