Increase Service Life with Customized Pressure Letdown EquipmentPressure Letdown Equipment

Drawing on years of on-site experience, failure analysis, and extensive research and development, Caldera engineers and manufactures custom mining components that increase the availability of customer operations.

Customized Pressure Control Equipment

The nature of processing industries necessitates equipment with long and predictable service life. The alternative is generally costly unplanned shutdowns.

Caldera equipment provides improved service life. Our worldwide experience with severe service processes, like pressure-oxidation (POX) and high-pressure-acid-leach (HPAL), has resulted in cutting-edge designs and developments.

In addition to letdown valves, Caldera offers the following equipment:

Blast Tubes / Choke Tubes Contain and direct high-energy flow within flash vessels.

Impingement Blocks – Protect vessels from damaging flow using ceramics retained in engineered housings.

In-Line Chokes – Dissipate energy within slurry transport pipelines.

Ceramic Lined Pipe - Protects bare pipe exposed to severe erosion.

Collaborate With Caldera for Specialized Letdown Equipment

Pressure letdown services require more than a generic, off-the-shelf product. Caldera works with the customer to engineer and build pressure letdown equipment that will last longer in hostile environments.

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