Ceramic-lined Valve Seats for Longer Service Life


Valve seats are critical components to the efficient operation of control valves. Caldera ceramic-lined seats combine metal and ceramic materials yielding longer production life than traditional valve seats.

Segmented Seats for Improved Maintenance and Longevity

Caldera segmented seats offer improved maintainability. Individual components can be replaced while reusing the majority of the seat. By design, segmented seat ceramics experience lower stresses than single-piece seat designs.

Ceramic-lined Seat Materials

Not just any valve seat will work in a severe service environment. Caldera seats are generally lined with silicon carbide, zirconia, and other ceramics. Seat housings are commonly made from titanium alloys, nickel alloys, and super duplexes. These seat material combinations are designed to mitigate damage from corrosive and erosive process conditions.

Down Stream Protection

Supersonic flow exiting from a valve seat can cause damage to downstream equipment. Caldera optimizes valve seat geometries to minimize potential damage across a valve's operating range.

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