Caldera Cavitation Reduction Plate

Caldera Cavitation Reduction Plate

The Caldera Cavitation Reduction Plate is designed to reduce cavitation by providing backpressure to upstream equipment. The cavitation is controlled at the outlet side of the cavitation reduction plate.

Application: Processes where unacceptable levels of cavitation are experienced

Service / Process: Cavitation is caused when local pressure within a liquid drops below saturation pressure and forms vapor bubbles. When the local pressure recovers the vapor bubbles implode. This implosion of the vapor bubbles can lead to excessive noise, vibration, and material loss of pipe wall and valve trim.

Industry Challenges: Cavitation leading to vibration and fatigue cracking, excessive noise, or material loss

Caldera Product Solutions:

  1. Moving cavitation away from critical equipment
  2. Selecting advanced alloys or specialty materials to mitigate corrosion and cavitation damage
  3. Separate cavitation into multiple small cavitation sites through multiple counterbored holes
  4. Use CFD flow modeling to verify and improve designs to meet customer requirements

If you have any questions about how Caldera can help with your cavitation challenges, please contact us at +1 801-356-2862 or email us.

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