Custom Engineering and Manufacturing Valves, Chokes, and Other Pressure Letdown Equipment

Engineering and Manufacturing

Engineering and manufacturing solutions for harsh applications require a science-based approach.  Through close collaboration with industry partners and customers, coupled with extensive research and development, Caldera employs a science-based approach to engineering and manufacturing – and our customers benefit.

Experience Dedicated To Your Success

Caldera emerged with the development of the autoclave mineral processing industry and has since broadened its knowledge and expertise in this and other industries. Caldera’s breadth and depth of understanding continues to grow as it supports customers and helps solve their challenges. With Caldera, customers get a product designed specific to their parameters and unique needs, backed by Caldera research and field experience.

Cutting Edge Engineering and Manufacturing To Better Serve Your Needs

Caldera has developed proprietary flow modeling programs to enhance product performance. Our engineers study your particular service environment.  We apply physics, thermodynamics, and finite element analysis to design, engineer, and manufacture equipment that meets your unique needs.

As Your Operational Issues Change, We Can Help

Your operational challenges can change overnight. Caldera can help. Our in-house machining, cutting, welding, testing, and on-hand inventory allow us to respond to emergencies quickly.

A Fundamental Approach With A Dynamic Focus

Since 1997, Caldera has taken a pragmatic approach to engineering and manufacturing. Mastering the science of severe service applications is our priority. Adjusting and evolving to meet your ever-changing needs is our focus.  Designing, engineering, and manufacturing valves, chokes, and other high-pressure letdown components to withstand highly corrosive and erosive environments is our goal.

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Engineering & Manufacturing

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