Engineering With High-Performance Material


Caldera specializes in innovative designs that optimize high-performance materials like ceramics, metals, and polymers to withstand severe service environments. After studying site process conditions we apply high performance materials, e.g. sintered silicon carbide, Teflon®, titanium, and other alloys to maximize equipment life.

The Appropriate High-Performance Materials For Superior Service Equipment

Material selection is an important part of equipment design. In today’s service applications, valves and other components are subjected to everything from corrosion and erosion challenges to thermal excursions. Stresses induced by fluctuating temperatures and other conditions can cause serious damage to even the most erosion-resistant ceramics. Selection of inferior materials for these applications can lead to unwarranted cost and frustration.

Knowing exactly how materials perform in unique operating environments is often the difference between unscheduled shutdowns and planned maintenance. We work directly with customers to identify the best materials.

Caldera’s custom-made products are engineered using the industry’s most dependable, highest performing materials, including:

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