Manufacturing Custom Flow Control Equipment for Your Severe Service Needs


Science, Engineering, and Craftsmanship in Everything We Manufacture for You.

From concept, engineering, machining, and assembly to final inspection and everything in between, Caldera has what is needed to design and manufacture your most critical components.

Our manufacturing personnel bring many years of experience working with metals, ceramics, and polymers. These Caldera craftsmen manufacture superior components for your severe service applications.

Customers Are a Critical Component of Manufacturing Optimized Equipment.

What makes Caldera special is that we work directly with customers to generate an ideal solution for their operating environment.  With the customer's detailed knowledge of their operation and equipment and Caldera's technical expertise, we collaborate to ensure the right components and solutions are manufactured to solve processing challenges.

Combining The Best Materials with Manufacturing Expertise

After collaborating on the best possible solutions, we then design, engineer and manufacture those solutions. Our manufacturing team brings concepts to reality using the best materials available. This requires special skill to transform materials into finished product.

The result is a reliable solution for severe service applications. Our products are manufactured to industry standards and adapted to unique customer needs. Since 1997 we have been combining science and engineering with onsite expertise to make exceptional valves and other components.

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