Personal Service Today As It Was Nearly 20 Years Ago


Steve Chipman founded Caldera in 1997. He was soon joined by Jeff Robison. Their goal is to meet the needs of an underserved market. According to Chipman, this means making significant improvements for the niche industries that the company serves. Early on, this included providing one-on-one customer service and manufacturing for a facility scheduled to shut down in three years ‒ probably not a good long-term investment for some P&L-focused companies. However, Chipman and Robison recognized that their help was important to the people operating the facility.

The Caldera Commitment: Exceptional Customer Support

Both Chipman and Robison had seen underserved customers, and wanted to build a company that would meet those customers' needs. The company grew, adding like-minded engineers and support staff - competent team members willing to take on new challenges. In fact, Caldera has a long track record of going to great lengths for its customers: hand-carrying emergency parts to sites or repairing equipment in the field. That kind of extra effort is just part of the culture its founders established from the beginning.

Scientific Approach and Worldwide Field Support Lead to Superior Service

Today, Caldera employs many professionals working in a variety of disciplines, all focused on meeting customer challenges. Caldera’s innovative science-based approach to valve and equipment design benefits customers from a broad range of industries, from energy production to food processing.

Problem Solving Partners

What started as a personalized approach to help customers solve corrosion, erosion and other persistent problems, has turned into a process that has enabled Caldera to retain and serve many customers for decades. They often view us as partners in problem solving. History shows that a personal approach, combining our experience and know-how with customer on-site expertise, leads to lasting solutions. That was the approach adopted when we opened for business in 1997, and Caldera's growth and strong working relationships prove that it’s a model that our customers value.

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