The Caldera Engineering Team

Our Team

Caldera Engineering is made up of employees who share the same work values, professionals who are dedicated to the customer.

The Proof is in Our Team

Being true to our engineering roots, we think that the numbers help tell our story. Our approach has been to hire only highly competent, capable, and educated personnel in technical disciplines where our customers require support.

  • 73% of our employees have a college degree
  • 30% of our employees are engineers or hold an engineering degree
  • 26% of our employees have a trade associate degree (machinists, designers, and assemblers)

Experts in Many Disciplines

Caldera’s staff includes professionals with a variety of technical backgrounds, including chemical, materials, and mechanical engineering; machining; project management; quality control; and reactive metals welding. We bring all of these skills together under one roof, providing science-based engineering, custom products, and technical support.

A Collaborative Team

Collaboration describes Caldera well. It is exhibited through our Innovation Support, Safety Stand-ups, On-time Delivery, and other team meetings. We extend our collaborative approach to interactions with customers. This approach continues to provide excellent results for our customers.

Our team is available to help with your site challenges. Call us at +1 801-356-2862

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