Containing and Controlling Difficult Slurry Flows

Contain Difficult Flow

In severe service industries there are numerous challenges, including the containment and control of erosive and corrosive liquids and gases. When failures occur they can present safety, environmental, and production consequences. Expertise in severe service applications and knowledge of advanced materials allows Caldera to offer superior solutions.

Expertise with Severe Process Flows

Caldera specializes in severe service environments where the following conditions are common:

  • Erosion - abrasive particles entrained within a process medium can lead to wear on the interior of process piping and vessels. If unchecked this wear will lead to accelerated equipment damage and possible failure.
  • Corrosion - acidic and caustic materials used in processing industries chemically attack plant equipment. Proper materials need to be selected in these environments to prolong equipment life.
  • Flashing flow - supersonic flow is caused by a pressure drop that leads to phase change. This supersonic flow will amplify erosive effects. Through mathematical modeling developed by Caldera Engineering these flows can be predicted, designed for, and controlled.

The Right Material Combinations for Greater Durability

Maintaining the integrity of operating equipment in harsh environments is difficult. There is a constant threat posed by erosive and corrosive media in high velocity areas. Containing these challenging flows requires selection of the appropriate materials, often a combination of an erosion-resistant ceramic and corrosion-resistant metal is needed. Caldera's experience and expertise in combining and utilizing these materials allows us to engineer equipment that can better withstand these effects.

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