Exceptional Commitment To Your Operational Success


The support you get from Caldera is unlike any other. From installations and start-ups, to commissioning and repairs, to shutdowns and troubleshooting, we’re there when you need us. Caldera representatives are frequently on-site to provide expertise and support.

What separates Caldera’s customer support from others? We provide:

Emergency service – We know unplanned down time is costly. Caldera Engineering professionals are ready to travel to your site on short notice. Your emergency is our emergency.

No-charge site visits – Whether it’s an emergency or a routine site visit, Caldera’s personnel travel to mine sites and processing plants at no cost to you.

Direct Access To Engineering Teams

There is no middleman with Caldera. Experts in flow dynamics, corrosion-resistant materials, and other areas vital to process optimization work directly with customers to prevent or solve problems on the spot. It’s a level of support we believe can make a measurable difference for all of our customers.

We believe customer support is about working with you, on-site or off, to meet your needs.

If you need help resolving a persistent or difficult problem, please call us at +1 801-356-2862.

Or email us and one of our engineers will review your questions and concerns and get back to you within 24-hours. Contact us here.

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