Improving Severe Service Operations Through Research and Experience

Caldera Designs & Manufactures for the severest of environments

Since 1997, Caldera has analyzed problems and designed equipment for applications in severe service environments. Operators in mineral and chemical processing are often faced with threats of erosion, corrosion, and multiphase flow. Correct materials selection and proper equipment design are important to managing potential problem areas. Through our research and expertise we can help resolve these issues.

Understanding your Process Helps us Find the Best Solutions for your Severe Service Environments

The Caldera team has many years of experience working side-by-side with plant personnel around the world, even at the most remote locations. These customers have shared their needs, allowing us to successfully work through their challenges.

At our facility in Provo, Utah, engineers have applied science to analyze information gathered at customer sites. This ongoing research enables us to provide our clients with valuable information that helps them better control their processes. Continuous learning about demanding operating environments better positions us to design equipment for unique severe service applications.

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