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Indutries Served

Caldera has been serving customers in the Mineral Processing Industry since 1997. Our customers operate some of the biggest pressure hydrometallurgy sites in the world, processing copper, gold, molybdenum, nickel, and cobalt under the most challenging conditions.

We’ve continued to adapt and evolve to better serve our customers, meeting your ever-changing needs for dependable solutions in these challenging environments. Those solutions include erosion- and corrosion-resistant valves, chokes, and other custom components and equipment.

Caldera uses sophisticated process modeling tools to develop cost effective, science-based product solutions for corrosive, erosive, and other severe service applications.

Collaborating With You to Deliver Custom, Industry Specific Parts and Solutions

Caldera takes a comprehensive approach to help better understand the challenges you face within your operations – within your industry. After close collaboration with your team, Caldera will engineer, develop, and deliver superior custom-made products.

Specific Solutions for Specific Challenges

Our background of devising innovative solutions for a wide range of extreme operating environments helps us better understand new processing environments. That knowledge, backed by science and practical experience, gives us an edge when working in related industries, including:

  • Chemical and Fertilizer Processing
  • Food Processing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation

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Industries Served

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