On-Site Repair and Modification of Pressure Letdown Equipment

On-Site Repair and Modification

Harsh conditions in any industry can wreak havoc on equipment. This leads to decreased plant efficiency and profitability. Since 1997, Caldera has been rebuilding and refurbishing pressure letdown equipment for our customers. From ceramic lined chokes to impingement blocks, from slurry letdown control valves to ceramic trimmed injection tubes, Caldera can re-line, re-machine, and weld repair. 

Saving Time and Money with Modular Designs

Customers seldom have the time or resources to ship a part off-site.  Many of Caldera’s designs are modular; we design parts so they can be swapped out in the field. For on-site repair projects we often ship the subassembly, which can then be inserted into the full assembly, saving you time and resources.

Finding A Better Solution

Rebuilding and upgrading severe service equipment presents an opportunity for Caldera to provide more than a refurbished product. Damaged parts can be indicative of a deeper problem. At Caldera, we strive to  discover the root of the problem and upgrade designs to cope with these challenges. 

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