Caldera Soot Slurry Letdown Valve

Caldera Soot Slurry Letdown Valve

The Caldera Soot Slurry Letdown Valve is used in coal gasification. This application requires the controlled pressure letdown of hot erosive soot slurry.

Application: Soot slurry letdown in coal gasification

Service/Process: Coal is turned into carbon monoxide and hydrogen by a partial oxidation process. The waste slurry (ash and soot mixed with water) is then disposed of as a waste product.

Industry Challenges: The soot slurry letdown valve experiences substantial trim and outlet pipe erosion due to the high velocity soot slurry waste. The erosion and subsequent valve failure result in lost production and valve rebuild/replacement costs.

Caldera Product Solutions:

  1. Sweep angle globe style valve body to reduce valve body erosion
  2. Extended ceramic seat to protect piping
  3. Engineered expansion tube to control flashing of steam
  4. Removable bonnet for easy access to valve internals

The Caldera Soot Slurry Letdown Valve is typically constructed of higher service temperature materials, such as 347 stainless steel, tungsten carbide, and silicon carbide ceramic. It can be supplied with a pneumatic or hydraulic actuator and a digital positioner.

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