Ceramic Valve Plugs


Caldera utilizes advanced ceramics on critical wear surfaces of valve plugs to maximize service life.

Specialized Severe Service Plugs to Increase Service Life

Ceramic valve plugs can withstand long periods of severe wear. To make ceramic plugs more robust, Caldera engineers have developed proprietary ceramic retention methods that reduce mounting-induced ceramic tensile stresses. These methods leverage the inherent ceramic strengths to create a longer lasting plug. These plugs are found in service worldwide.

Tight-Shutoff Ceramic Plugs

Caldera provides plugs and seats with Sintered Silicon Carbide ceramic that meet ANSI Class IV shutoff for vent and various slurry applications. Caldera’s tight-shutoff plugs allow operators to shut off flow with the control valve and therefore prolong the life of expensive isolation valves. Caldera also offers plugs with other types of ceramic, including zirconia, reaction bonded silicon carbide, Tungsten Carbide, and others.

Innovation in Plug Design

Caldera uses finite element analysis and other tools to assess existing valve plug designs and evaluate design alternatives. One such alternative is the flat plug (as compared to the parabolic plug), where the flat plug has shown greater erosion characteristics and prolonged valve life.

Advantages of flat plug:

  • Improved toughness due to simpler ceramic shapes and less ceramic volume.
  • Proven flow characteristic through field experience and laboratory testing.
  • Increased durability through effective mounting designs.
  • Split clamp retention allows for easier repair of plugs.

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