Blast Tubes Designed to Protect Flash Vessels

Flash Tubes

Correctly designed blast tubes control flashing letdown energy while also protecting receiving vessels from damage. Caldera’s proprietary design tools allow us to accurately design blast tubes.

Blast Tubes for Severe Letdown Service

Blast tubes are used in severe service flashing applications to safely contain and direct energy released during flashing. Liquids flashing to steam can result in the release of large amounts of kinetic energy. This energy may cause significant damage to a letdown system if it is not appropriately contained and directed.

Proprietary Model to Optimize Blast Tube Design

Caldera uses an in-house science based design tool to size blast tubes, choke tubes, and other similar letdown equipment. This tool incorporates physical and thermodynamic laws associated with flashing letdown service. This also allows Caldera to optimize equipment design to effectively control flashing as well as minimize wear to the receiving vessel and other surrounding equipment.  

Design and Manufacturing Experience for Better Service Life

Key to the success of the letdown system is proper interface design between the blast tube, vessel lid, and letdown valve. If the interface between these pieces of equipment is designed or implemented incorrectly, the result can be catastrophic failure and costly damage to equipment. Caldera’s experience and understanding of the interface requirements results in successful and long lasting products.  

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