Pilot Plant Equipment

Pilot Plant Equipment


Pilot plants are primarily constructed to validate system processes. Secondarily, pilot plants are used to test equipment design and material suitability. Caldera designs and manufactures valves and letdown equipment to handle erosive and corrosive process conditions found in pilot plants and test facilities. Valves generally require ceramic trim components to effectively handle these severe conditions. Pilot plant valve sizes usually range from ½” to 2” (DN 15 to 50) and can be supplied in any class rating. Depending on the required flow rate and process conditions, the valves can be designed to cycle (open-close) or modulate continuously. 


During the pilot plant design phase Caldera models an integrated letdown system solution to meet customer requirements. As a result, potential challenges are identified prior to production and equipment is optimized to meet desired process parameters. Once the customer is satisfied with the system solution, Caldera moves forward with the manufacture of the pilot plant valves and letdown equipment.

Caldera provides post-installation support to pilot plants and test facilities with technical assistance and on-site visits. Through work with the pilot plant Caldera gains insights which can then be implemented into the full scale production plant.

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