Problem Solving For Severe Service Industries

Problem Solving

Combining Experience and Knowledge For Greater Success

Most customers have a good idea of what it is they need. They might be missing a part of the solution, but they generally have the majority of it in place. Combining customer understanding and experience with Caldera's problem solving skills, generates lasting solutions.

Collaboration Leads To Better Products

Caldera helps resolve problems by working closely with customers. We visit customer sites regularly to gain a better understanding of site challenges. Some of the best ideas and innovations come from interactions at customer's sites. Their ideas and expertise often lead to the solution. This collaborative approach also enables Caldera to receive better feedback, leading to improved products.

Caldera’s approach to problem solving is unique. Since support is free to our customers and prospects, no purchase order is necessary to receive help. For Caldera, it's about working with you to find and fix the problem. We achieve that by making an extra effort, including:

  • Free on-site consulting by experienced engineers (rather than sales visits)
  • On-site start-up, troubleshooting and repair support
  • Flow modeling, finite element analysis, fluid dynamics, and other value-added engineering support

If you have challenges you would like Caldera to review please call us at +1 801-356-2862

Email us, and one of our engineers will review your questions and concerns and get back to you within 24 hours.  Contact us here.

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