High-Performance Polymers

High Performance Polymers

Caldera offers its customers a wide range of solutions that combine the best of materials, including high-performance polymers. Customers in the mining industry and other severe service industries have come to rely on high performance polymers to extend the service life of operating equipment. Where appropriate, Caldera utilizes these versatile materials to increase the life of key components.

Versatility Of High-Performance Polymers

In the Mineral Processing Industry high performance polymers can be combined with metals and ceramics for a variety of applications. These include valves, plugs, seats, and other critical components. Polymers are also used in corrosion and erosion resistant ceramic-metal systems to create a barrier to scale buildup and to inhibit corrosion.

When utilized appropriately, polymers can play a significant role in extending the life of equipment operating in severe service environments. Materials, such as TeflonĀ®-based polymers, offer these and many other benefits:

  • Cushioning against crushing and impact on ceramics parts
  • Easier maintenance of equipment utilizing polymer sleeves and gaskets
  • Endurance in corrosive environments, as polymers are generally inert
  • Sealing of moving parts (valves etc.), preventing leaks into the process stream

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